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Thought Leader Exchange (TLX) provides a new way to connect C-Suite speakers and conferences. We enhance organizational and leader reputation, bringing the power of Web exchange and social media to a multi-billion dollar industry of face-to-face marketing. Traditionally, word of mouth and relationships have driven activity with inconsistent results. Our objective is to improve this emerging B2B process with an open source model that leverages technology, data, and years of experience in business communications, technology, and thought leadership.

The Problem

  • For conference organizers: Information about quality speakers is scarce. Who are the most impactful thought leaders, and where are they? The risk is high for conference failure, damaged reputation, or disappointed audiences.
  • For thought leaders: C-Suite executives are overwhelmed with speaking invitations. Many requests are a waste of precious time. Some provide tremendous career, networking or reputational benefits. Which should you accept? What are the hidden opportunities that you need to find to achieve your goals? Who are your competitors talking to?
  • For PR agencies, counselors and coaches: Face-to-face marketing lacks transparency and visibility, with no central source of information or objective standards of performance needed for effective communications counsel. The business of conference development and speech delivery is who you know and hit or miss.

    The Solution: TLX

    TLX members gain a powerful edge in the critical field of thought leadership, which is has become an important way to differentiate brands in a fragmented and overcrowded media landscape. In today's marketplace, reputation is everything. Good will is as much as half of company value. Brands are investing more and more on sustainability reputation and corporate social responsibility with many new and untested conferences emerging. Executive visibility is increasingly important to B2B marketing, reputation, media, and PR.

    Register to join TLX for free and begin pitching, tracking, and sharing your ideas with the people that matter most: thought leadership professionals who have the power to make or break your reputation and business future.

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